Equipping students to apply the skills they learn outside of the classroom, with a positive and encouraging learning environment 

I'm looking for creative and curious students to join my class!

Guitar Lessons

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  • 10 years experience with guitar
  • Solo artist + original music
  • 3 years experience teaching
  • 200+ students
  • BS Music degree
  • Beginner- advanced
  • Acoustic and electric


About me

I love working with kids 11-18 in age, who are excited about learning guitar!

I encourage my students to embrace mistakes as a part of the learning process. My teaching philosophy is all about connecting with my students to help them feel safe and comfortable when we learn. In my experience, this is the best way to set my students up for continued success. It's my goal to instill a love of music in my students.

I help my students go beyond learning songs, by using music theory, correct technique, and practical application to take my students’ playing to the next level.  I help my students create good habits now for continues success in the future.

  I'm passionate about investing in young musicians.

I'm looking for curious and creative students who are excited about improving their skills!

I’ve been teaching violin for many years so I am familiar with top-notch music teachers, and I highly recommend Emma! ” - Carolyn G
Emma is providing excellent online learning at a high quality that we could not get locally in person. ” - Anonymous
She is great at going at your own pace and making sure everything is very easy to understand. She can also jump across musical genres very well to suit your playing style and interests. For anyone who is advanced or a beginner at guitar I would highly recommend Emma as your teacher!” - Sy
I was very hesitant about an online class....I was amazed about how much basic technique [my daughter] managed to learn in a short time. Emma provides amazing practice materials that can be used between classes, and is very attentive to which type of instructions and notes work best for my daughter. ” - Bruno
Emma was amazing! She was very patient, kind, and encouraging and always believed that I could do it! She taught me lots of cool songs and she helped me every step of the way. I also listened to her personal music (linked on her "about me" page) and it was very amazing. I loved it so much! Please take this class!! :)” - Shawna M
We have been so impressed by Emma's class and would recommend it highly. Our 11 year old daughter has been taking lessons from Emma for about 2.5 months. She previously played piano but had zero guitar experience. Emma seems to have a very thoughtful considered curriculum but is clearly very engaging and keeps it fun. We plan to continue indefinitely.” - Gabriel H

What to expect

Booking a consultation gives us the opportunity to meet and see if it's a good fit.  I'll ask questions about the student's musical interests, experience on the guitar, and goals. I like to keep things low key and relaxed for the first session!  I'll ask the student to play a little, to assess their skill level, and there's no pressure to be perfect. This just helps me to get an idea of how I can best help the student in reaching their goals.  Next, we will probably play some games and /or I'll teach the student a concept or two. Parents can expect to go over my guitar lesson policies. I always like to give parents and students a chance to ask questions as well.

Weekly lessons is the most common choice for my students. I start each lesson going over the material from the previous week, and then teach something new.  I only teach new material when I feel that the current song(s) have been mastered. Some students may take longer to learn than others, and that is okay! Daily practice is expected to see improvement and move on to new material.

I primarily teach rock and blues in lessons. I'm experienced in a variety of genres, including classic metal, jazz, fusion, pop, and can tailor lessons to the student's interest.

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